Sunday, 2 November 2014

PDSP Funding - Rolling right along!

Northcott are well on the way to ensuring your children are supported in 2015.  All Preschools should have received by now a list of children that have been identified as continuing with funding for the next year (2015).  If any children were not included or should not be included, you simply need to fill out the form that came with the letter providing First Name, Last Name, Current Funding amount and Level for next year. If you have not received the letter or need any help at all, please email or phone 1800 455 522. 
For your information, I received a call back very promptly and was provided with very clear and helpful information. :)

Ann Pelo webinar

Having heard Ann Pelo as Key Note at the ECA Conference in September, I am a devoted fan and very keen for everyone to hear what Ann has to share.  What resonated with me the most was Ann's explanation of why and how we should be aligning our attention to that of the child rather than trying to align the child to where we feel attention should be.  Hear for yourself and be part of the discussion on the webinar conducted through the ECA Learning Hub.  Details below.

November webinar: Ann Pelo live!

We are counting down to our webinar with the wonderful Ann Pelo in November. Ann will join us live from Seattle (US), and you’ll be able to contribute your comments and questions to the conversation. Choose between two sessions: Friday 21 November or Saturday 22 November, both at 12.00pm (AEST). Registrations will open next week, and places will fill fast—so discuss this with your manager or training coordinator now!
Contact information

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


You will now all be aware that SCAN and ISP are to merge as Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP).  Northcott have started the process of managing this new program and will make contact with you in the lead up to the launch in November. 

Please see DEC information regarding PDSP below, including timeframe expectations for roll out.

"The Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP) will launch in early November to support children with disability or additional needs in NSW community preschools.

The PDSP replaces the Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN) program and the preschool component of the Intervention Support Program (ISP).

As a result of a recent tender process, DEC has appointed Northcott as the PDSP program manager. 

Applications for 2015 targeted funding will open on 3 November 2014, and must be submitted before 14 November 2014 if you want to be advised of the outcome before the end of Term 4.
Further information about the PDSP and the processes for applying for child focused targeted funding will be provided next week in a special edition of EC extra."

To read the mentioned special edition of EC extra, go to;

For more information and links to the guidelines, application form and more, go to;

It has been a huge pleasure working with you all and we wish you every success in your continued effort to provide quality inclusive practices for the young children in your services.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

KidsMatter - impacts of educator interactions on children's behaviour

KidsMatter Early Childhood update (excerpt from ECA Webwatch #196)
You won't let me be good ...
Behaviour is a way children can communicate their feelings, needs and wants. The KidsMatter webinar You won't let me be good ... The impacts of educator interactions on children's behaviour, reflected on how our responses and interactions influence children's behaviour and explored strategies to increase understanding of behaviour and the impact of educators' interactions and relationships on young children’s behaviour.
If you missed it on the night it is now freely available for download(The resources listed below the webinar are fabulous, too!).
Watching it as a team is a great way to start a reflective conversation with colleagues. You can even continue the conversation with us at KidsMatter on the KidsMatter Early Childhood Blog, Shared Thinking.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Is the school ready for you? Transition resources and ideas.

Schools are preparing themselves for the new learners who will walk, leap, skip or saunter over their threshold next year.  Some of those newbies will be more anxious than others.  So many factors will influence how this new experience pans out, but one thing is for sure - preparation is ALWAYS going to benefit the child. 
Enabling open, frank discussions regarding emotions related to leaving the early learning
environment / home or family care to embark upon school are very important.  Asking what the preconceived expectations are, will provide you with a starting point for important discussions.  Fears may be allayed, or strategies to support the reduction of fears may be able to be worked on together.  Disregarding or dismissing emotions that may seem at odds with a child's character or your expectations will have detrimental effects on the transition process. 
Many of us have at times felt jubilation or excitement at the prospect of something new.  And we often expect that of our children.  I certainly built my daughter's expectations up so high for her first day of school, that when I asked "SO!  Was it fun??", she looked at me as though I had two heads!  Her concept of fun had thus far been quite unstructured and didn't quite look like the 'fun' I'd perhaps misguided her into expecting.  She did, however, after the first week of falling asleep at 6pm, and the first month of not having time to eat her lunch, fall in love with school. 
For children that do require reassurance, familiarity and clear expectations - and let's face it, that pretty much covers every child - the number of visits both with other children present, but also importantly without other children, will impact on the process.  Enabling a comfortable viewing of the school, classrooms, library, bubblers, toilets, hall, playground, office - in a quiet way, with the open ended ability to ask questions in an uninterrupted, non threatening way, will go a long way to helping the settling in. 
KidsMatter has a number of focus areas to support young children.  Transition to School from the perspective of the educator can be supported here:
Transition to school for families to consider:   Sign up for ASPECT's Positive Partnerships "Managing Transitions" (Webinar) on 17th September at and peruse their support materials.
And of course the recently blogged about Transition to School, will put you and your child or your class in great stead for the year ahead.  Ask lots of questions, take lots of photos, attend all that you can regarding these first steps to school. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

We're All In! Now you can be, too!

The expression "All in!" has such positive connotations.  Northcott and NSW Family and Community Services have championed the phrase for their recently launched All In! Inclusion Guide.  With an interactive and very comprehensive website, individuals, businesses and community organisations now have at their fingertips the means with which to enable meaningful participation by all children aged 0-8 in activities of their choice.
  “Community organisations, parents and carers can use the website to get free advice tailored to the situation where they will be interacting with the child, such as a sporting activity, play date or going out in the community. The advice they receive will include how to prepare, what to do during the activity, common misconceptions and how to improve next time around.”
It really is as easy as 1. Situation 2. Challenge 3. Age 4. Conclusion.  Whether families would like advice on how best support a friend attending a birthday party, or a sporting team would like to better facilitate access and meaningful participation for a keen newcomer, the steps will provide a fantastic starting point - now it's just up to you!
Read more from the launch here:
And explore the Inclusion Tool here:

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Transition to School Resource Launched

Of utmost excitement is the news that the Transition to School Resource has been Launched!  Please see the e-release from ECIA NSW below.  Browse, show it to families, find what's relevant to you.  It's a very exciting and timely resource!  Enjoy!:
We are pleased to announce that ECIA NSW’s Transition to School Resource is now available.
This web-based resource has been developed by Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW Chapter) Inc. and funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care in the Department of Family and Community Services, New South Wales, Australia (ADHC) as part of the Focus on Early Childhood Inclusion (FECI) project.
The Resource aims to help children with disabilities and their families make the transition to school as smooth and positive as possible. 
A key focus of this resource is on developing positive collaborative relationships between families, schools and support professionals.
The website, which has been developed with reference to the latest research literature and in consultation with stakeholders around NSW, contains practical information for:
     * families
     * early childhood intervention professionals,
     * early childhood education and care professionals
     * teachers in schools and
     * the wider community.
Go to the Transition to School Resource website:
Posters, flyers and other promotional material are now available. Please email Emma Pierce for further information